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post open letter to six apart2006.10.27

Dear folks at Six Apart,

All I'm trying to do is upgrade to Movable Type 3.3.

And do you think I can find any instructions on how to upgrade other than "upload everything"?

Your user base is the reason why you got so big, so fast. Millions of existing installs out there. So why is it you make finding upgrade information - one of the most common, more technical activities your user base will ever go through - so goddamned difficult to find?

Why does a page like THIS even need to exist?

Be nice to the people who have already paid you money. Give them a great big honking button on your web site that shows them the simple steps on how to upgrade their system while retaining their old templates and settings.

Additionally: Why does EVERYONE, not just enterprise customers, have to download your enterprise installation guide? Isn't the enterprise version different than my install? Would the instructions even work on non-enterprise installs?

I love your software folks, but damned if you don't make it next to impossible to do upgrades. Fix this!!

Angie McKaig


Anil said on 2006.10.30

Angie, you're absolutely right that this isn't as clear as it should be. I'm sorry for that, and the team is definitely working on fixing it. In the meantime, feel free to email us directly (i'm anil AT with suggestions about what we should be doing better. We really do want to get it right, and appreciate you putting up with us until we do. :)

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