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post assorted sweets2006.06.13

  • cory doctorow visits a radio shack
    Deeply funny stuff.
  • Spectra - Hello Kitty Mini Water Dispenser
    Hello. Kitty. Water. Dispenser. Please please pretty please? How CUTE is this?
  • Mathmos Lights and Lava Lamps
    I cannot stop looking at these lamps. They are just too cool.
  • How much should a design cost?
    It's nice to see a frank discussion of costs involved in design. Yes, yes, I know the arguments against discussing it - price fixing, etc., and I know about the legalities, I've heard about it for years. But this also keeps the consumer from understanding
  • Too Cool For Old Skool
    Oh my GOD I want the FUNKit DJ so badly it may actually cause me to buy an iPod. (And for the record, no, I don't have one, not because they're not cool, but because I wouldn't use it much, I prefer to listen to the city when I walk...)
  • Rare Device Laptop Bag
    Incredibly sweet. I love the blue. If I didn't already have a smokin' laptop carrier I'd totally be all over this.
  • Scott Saw
    Another lowbrow artist. I love his newest series, so Jetson it hurts. Awesome.
  • Breaks Silence
    They're going legit. Whee!
  • Widescreen-o-Rama! All About Aspect Ratios
    Good overview of aspect ratios in the movies, and how the whole "edited to fit your TV" thing is just the most horrifying thing ever. Why isn't stuff like this more publicized? Fullscreen would become a thing of the past.
  • Fonts on LOST
    You know you're a font geek when you can participate in (or enjoy) type minutia for a hit show. ;)
  • Etsy + Union Square Ventures
    Nice to see one of my fave sites getting a leg up. I really love the fact that these VCs actually blog, and actually blog sensibly, and explain their reasoning well.


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