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post assorted sweets2006.05.04

  • The myth of "keeping up"
    aka: How to deal with information overload, and also how to give yourself a break about it. I remember the first time I reset everything in Bloglines to read even though it wasn't - HUGE guilt. I'm the exact type for whom this article was written.
  • This September: Original Unaltered Trilogy on DVD
    Due to demand Lucas is releasing the un-futzed with versions on DVD. I'm SO glad I waited.
  • Superman Returns - Trailer 2
    OMGOMGOMG this looks so amazing I cannot wait! I *have* mentioned my slight schoolgirl crush on Superman, yes? Once or twice maybe?
  • Anti-graffiti crackdown bans spray paint sales to minors
    In my old home town you need to have a parent or guardian to buy a marker. Yes, a marker. God, can I tell you how glad I am I no longer live in that backwater. Argh.
  • Dwell Bedding
    Dwell now has their own line of bedding and it's delish.
  • Bubble Chair by Plushpod
    To feel like you're floating in air, please pay $2k. OK, fine, but it's darned pretty. I'd love several of these suspended from big beams in a working loft as the reception area. Cool.


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