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  • The Amazon.Com Customer Service Page
    Get the Amazon customer service telephone number. Also phone numbers for eBay and PayPal. The fact that we continue to need these things is mystifying and horrifying and ugh.
  • Hiring the top 1%?
    Think again. (And don't I know it. When I was hiring for a writer for Pampered Puppy, I had people emailing me to say I should hire them solely because they lived in India. No resume. No experience. But hey. From India.) I love Joel.
  • Psychology of Cyberspace - Deviance in Online Communities
    I swear I've read this before but anyway, good solid userful dissemination for those running or mediating online communities.
  • Find-A-Human -- IVR Phone Systems
    How to find a real live person on the end of some of the more commonly annoying menu systems. Excellent. (And horrifying. Companies, dammit, are you LISTENING yet?)


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