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  • Smallest Coolest Apartments
    Apartment Therapy contest shows what you can do with teeny tiny little spaces. If you're willing to go modern, that is - if you don't like modern to live in, your life is significantly more difficult. IMO.
  • 10 Ways to Know If You're An Entrepreneur
    Cute, mostly true, and funny.
  • Pink Roomba Fights Breast Cancer
    When my SO sent me this by email I nearly fell off my chair laughing - now I really HAVE to get one - and the side benefit of helping a worthy cause is a bonus.
  • An Inevitable Tiger Review
    Good quick overview for me, and timely as (hold on to your seats) I may actually be gettin' me an Apple laptop within the next couple of months. I just can't resist. They're too pretty. And I want iWork.
  • Columns & Grids
    Some interesting thinking about columns in design. Eventually, I'll get the knack of this within CSS only - for now, my CSS-P skills are still limited, and I rarely have time to brush up! :)
  • smallbizblog: Are You An Alterpreneur?
    Quality of life is something I have noticed has drastically improved since I stopped working the 9 to 5. Yes, there are days when I work nonstop. But I also take afternoons off to go shopping or visit my friends. A happy balance is the key.
  • Flashy entertainment
    Because a 71 inch flatscreen is just not enough. It needs to be real gold, to boot. Too funny.
  • Hello Kitty constellations projector
    Pink. Hello Kitty. Astronomy. Cool. Now, I'd finally have something to do on nights I can't go to sleep!
  • Samsung Red Q30 Notebook
    The notebook is just lovely, but why on earth is the DVD external?


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