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post assorted sweets: 2004.08.062004.08.06

  • Virtual Hosts for Dummies - Apache w/multiple web sites on your local server
    Ahh, lovely. Since I'm about to do this in roughly three weeks, this is a godsend.
  • GNR8
    A new lighting design blog, found via the incomparable
  • Canon PowerShot G6 Spotted in the Wild
    I wonder if they've fixed the whole purple fringing problem - which yes, I have run into. At some point I'll get around to posting a few shots I've been taking with the new camera (a G5).
  • County Fair Picnic Font Set
    Oh, yummy yummy, from the wonderfully retro folks at Font Diner.
  • CSS - Auto-height and margin-collapsing
    Great, clear explanation of how browsers handle margins. Box model 102, as it were. Ugh.
    A guerilla historian in Gotham. I love these "abandoned places" web sites. Gives me a hankering to do some urban spelunking of my own.
  • Sony Ericsson A1402S II
    I'm not sure if/when this camera will be available in Canada, but pink... it may actually change my mind about owning a cell phone!
  • Disney's PC
    This is SO cute. I wish it came in pink.
  • MT-Blacklist 2.0 RC6 Screenshots
    When it comes with the new 3.1 "expansion pack", I'm installing. Looks cool.
  • Competent Classing in CSS
    Good thinking (progressing to the second technique is a Big Step in learning how to do efficient CSS) and some good discussion in the comments about multiple class declarations on a single item.
  • House Gothic 23
    I also want this book. Santa? You're still out there listening, aren't you?
  • House33
    House Industries, my *other* favourite foundry, has a Store In London! OK, now I really *have* to visit London. Awesome.
  • Tips & Tricks - Better Outlines
    From my favourite foundry, Letterhead fonts... a quick tutorial on the hows and whys of outlining your fonts.


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