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post assorted sweets #62003.04.22

Email reveals real leaders: “Researchers have developed a way to use e-mail exchanges to build a map of the structure of an organization. The map shows the teams in which people actually work, as opposed to those they are assigned to.”

There are days when I'd just like to crawl inside David Weinberger's head and take up residence. For example. Another example (currently in my bookbag).

Women and social software: “What do we do? Well, I do what I can every day. I teach, I speak, I write, I try to create an environment that encourages other women to follow my lead.” Some interesting thinking here.

Yet another example that they just really don't get it. Time Online is doomed, and has been in its every incarnation.

A great retrospective on the history of the browser, to mark Mosaic's 10 year birthday. Cool.

The more I work in this field, the more I'm convinced that it's not only all connected, it's downright incestous: Branding and the User Interface. Sales, marketing, interace design, graphic design, even branching out into leadership and effective management—it's all the same thing. One flows naturally into the other. And if you want to see how schizophrenic a company is, just look at how patched together its web site is.

Cool tool: Searching the blogosphere. Shows you how to add a search box to your site that will search the blogs you read. How wonderful. I'll be adding this soon.


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