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post famous bloggers & corporate blogging2003.02.25

It is a little known yet deeply tragic fact that if you want some people to understand and thereby buy into a new idea, you need to show them commercial and/or famous applications of said idea.

I've been trying, however unsuccessfully, to explain why having a useful, well-written blog as part of many kinds of sites can accomplish some major goals every web site should work toward:

  • fresh content on a daily or at least very regular basis
  • an informal voice that visitors can respond to and get to know
  • Useful information via outgoing links
Et cetera, et cetera. I know, I'm preaching to the choir here.

But the point is that without some serious corporate, journalistic and famous people resources to point to as “proof” of blogging's viability, it can be a tough sell for those not in the know.

Since I had to compile the links anyway, I share them here for your enjoyment.

Articles about corporate blogging or blogging going mainstream:
Wired: Blogging Goes Corporate
Not So Quiet on the Set
New Biz on the Blog

“Famous” bloggers (people who were famous before the blog):
Wil Wheaton
Seth Godin
Founder of The Body Shop
William Gibson
Al Roker
Jeff Bridges [interesting side note: handwritten. literally.]

Corporate blogs:
Ms. Magazine
Jeremy Allaire
O'Reilly Network Webloggers

Articles on famous bloggers:
Weblogs of the stars
Weblogs of the Rich and Famous


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