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post the power of the blog2003.02.11

Just this evening, I was trying to explain to a newbie to the blog world just why they're such a wonderful thing. I still think the answer is simple.

Blogs are a wonderful thing because they're a highly concentrated microcosm of the web at large — an online publishing media with almost unlimited ability to scale, incredibly low barrier to entry, and an immediacy that allows for revolutionary speed in disseminating and debating thoughts, concepts and ideas.

Like the Trent Lott fun, for instance.

A new article entitled How blogging changed journalism -- almost sums it up pretty well:

“The central virtue of blogging, I've decided, is that in the proverbial agora, or online marketplace of ideas, bloggers are like Socrates on speed.

They're constantly interrogating arguments and points of view, noting flaws, advancing more sound positions, and shifting the focus to new questions. The mainstream media are being watched more closely because of bloggers -- and kept more honest -- and that can't be a bad thing.”


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