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elements of user experience

Received my new, signed copy of The Elements of User Experience by Jesse James Garrett a few weeks ago and have already devoured it and found the related PDFs with which to evangelise to the rest of the company, and plan to use it as a framework for a redesign project I need to head up. All of which will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with JJG's work. Excellent book for UX people in search of a good framework concept or business types who need to “get” the whole IA, ID, UX thing.

From Doc Searls' Conversations - The Real Battle: “But, if you remove the bullshit, the house of cards, the money tit and scams, there is good business to be done, creative business, entertaining business, moving art, pertinent communication, and these are all things that a clear justification can be made for their production costs to be covered, both in mass media and interactive media forms of communication.” Really good thinking on the future of the entertainment industry. (thanks Doc)

Syndication is Not Publication: A great argument for RSS. Written to address its detractors. Hear, hear.

Retro Computers: “Long before he became a spokesperson for, and sometime after he starred in Kingdom of the Spiders, William Shatner was busy hawking the wonderful Commodore Vic 20, "The Wonder Computer of The 80s!" As the ad on the right says, "It's an investment that grows with your family." I love how they compare it's performance with 2 other computer powerhouses, the ATARI 2600 and Mattell's Intellivision. I'm surprised they didn't put the stats for The Farmer Says pullstring toy while they were at it.

Another great find from the same era:

posted on 2002.12.05 at 11:32 AM