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assorted sweets #16

One of my favourite topics is bioengineering, particularly when it comes to the human brain. Kurzweil is always a fun read in this area. A recent Salon article had a lovely paragraph which tickled my brain:

There is no theoretical difference between a dental implant and a mental implant except that we know how a tooth works and can manufacture a functional replacement. Currently, the same cannot be said for the neural network of the brain. But from a bioengineering standpoint, that is only a matter of time.

Nifty little PHP class can make breadcrumbs for your site that sit, stay and even roll over.

I am so excited about RSS Explorer, I cannot begin to tell you. Now all I need is some version of FeedDemon to live right in my browser, and I will be a perfectly happy little geek girl. (via LockerGnome)

The Seven Heuristics of Brand Aligned Organizations. Yummy. (via FC Now)

I have to say it one more time. I am completely head over heels in love with Fast Company's staff blog (FC Now). If you only read one tech-business-smart thinking weblog every day, read this one. Honestly. Leave now, don't worry about hurting my feelings. :)

I was going to rant and link about the complete absurdity of VeriEvil's latest trick in the DNS space, and the hallelujah-ness of ICANN finally growing a spine and sending a cease and desist. But let's be honest. If you know the story, you've likely already read far better rants than mine. And if you don't, odds are, you're not gonna care anyway.

posted on 2003.10.08 at 07:49 PM